What can we do for you?

Physical Security

We are trained to develop an individual’s awareness of how to identify potential dangers from various areas; these range from opportunists to organised criminals, from the media and even through to fixated individuals. With the aid of two unique coaching schemes, we can teach clients to identify personal risks and proactively avoid dangers – both when driving and not driving.

Technical Security

As the world of social media grows, so do the technical jeopardies it can bring. Our bespoke social media and technology courses raise an awareness of the electronic footprints that can be left across the internet. We also bring to attention the technical attacks that media devices may be susceptible to, in an effort to mitigate and eliminate potential risks.

Life Assurance

We understand that in a society where potential threats grow from every angle, it’s imperative to consider the risks which may endanger those closest to you; your friends, your family and even your children. Anticipate recognise the importance of mitigating these risks and promise to provide quality coaching sessions that, in turn, deliver quality ‘life assurance’.