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Meet The Team

Gary Botell


Gary is a former Professional Rugby League player who retired in 1986, before becoming a Police Officer in 1987 and taking up a role on the Specialist Operations Unit in 1993 and qualifying as a National Police Firearms Instructor and Close Protection Officer in 2000. He held these positions until his retirement from the Police in 2016.
Gary has a great deal of experience in Police Firearms/Close Protection and Counter Terrorism deployments, both operationally and in delivering training for these roles. As well as working as part of the Close Protection team deployed to Her Majesty the Queen, Gary has also been assigned to most members of the Royal Family, three Prime Ministers, Foreign Heads of State and other protected ministers.
He has received Letters of Commendation from the Met Police, in recognition of exceptional work in the Protection of PM’s and other protected ministers.

Gary Spratt


Gary is an experienced investigator and an expert in covert Policing techniques; strategic and consultative in approach, he is results driven and has been commended nationally for excellence and for delivering consistent results. He is recognised within Greater Manchester Police as an expert in organised crime and proactive intelligence work and has achieved a ‘Chief Constable’s Commendation’ for leading an operation linked to combatting terrorism, human trafficking, modern day slavery and sexual exploitation.

Gary comes from a close family. He has been married for over 25 years and has three children, the youngest of which is 18 years and plays in a football team that Gary has coached since the team was formed 12 years ago. He is a keen walker and cyclist, having recently completed the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride and a walk of the Yorkshire Dales three peaks raising money for his chosen charities.

Tony Egan

Head of Southern Region

Tony has over 30 years Police experience, most of which has been within covert Policing; he joined the Metropolitan Police in 1980, gaining experience in various areas of the Metropolis, before opting for specialist Policing roles.

His career achievements include working on the Metropolitan Police Special Branch Surveillance team, where he conducted armed surveillance on suspected terrorists, nationally and on the Metropolitan Police ‘Flying Squad’, assisting on covert operations against dedicated armed criminals.

As well as performing the role of Firearms Tactical Leader and Team Leader of the Regional Crime Squad and the National Crime Squad, Tony was also a member of the Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit, actioning covert operations against suspected terrorists.

He was involved in Close Protection duties, encompassing Her Majesty the Queen & Prince Philip, and assisted in the protection of various cabinet Ministers and former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

During his service, Tony received the Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal and a Judges High Commendation for a Covert Operation, during which, Tony received personal injury whilst effecting the arrest of Organised Crime Gang members. He has also attained a Commissioners High Commendation for Outstanding Bravery in the execution of his duty, where Tony disarmed a man who had threatened to shoot him.

Mark Garbutt

Surveillance Team Leader

Mark is a retired Detective Sergeant who specialised in covert surveillance. He was a Team Leader on a Dedicated Police Surveillance Team for 16 years, leading operations against the most serious and organised criminals. He was trained at the College of Policing in Level 1 Surveillance, Technical Surveillance, Anti and Counter Surveillance together with Optical Evidence Gathering. He was also a fully trained Police Advanced Pursuit Driver.

His career achievements include A Judge`s and Chief Constable’s Commendation for his investigative skills on the Dr Shipman enquiry. He has also achieved numerous Police Commanders Commendations for leading successful covert operations against the force`s most violent criminals. He has worked in conjunction with the Security Services, Anti Terrorist Units, National Crime Agency, Regional Crime Units, UK Border Force and numerous other Police Dedicated Surveillance Units. These operations successfully targeted offenders for the most serious offences, including Murder, Armed Robbery, Kidnap, Drugs Importation, Firearm`s Offences, Gang Related Activity and Burglary involving organised criminals targeting Premiership Footballer`s homes.

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