England goalkeeper Joe Hart is robbed at petrol station near his club’s training ground


England goalkeeper Joe Hart was travelling home when he was robbed by thieves on mopeds

Joe Hart, England goalkeeper is robbed by thieves on mopeds, who stole his phone, watch and wallet while he filled up at a petrol station near his club’s West Ham training ground.

A gang surrounded the 6ft5in goalkeeper with two mopeds as he got into his car and comes just two weeks after Hart’s £100,000 Range Rover was stolen from outside his home in Cheshire.

The three thieves struck near Romford, Essex, as the 30-year-old footballer was travelling home from the training ground.

The player – who is on loan from Manchester City – is thought to have not long returned from Lithuania with the England World Cup squad when the moped strike took place.

A source told The Sun: ‘Joe wasn’t hurt but he was pretty shaken up. He’s a big powerful guy and it took some nerve to rob him’ and added, ‘…if it can happen to the safest pair of hands in England it can happen to anyone.’ However, if anything, this incident only serves to sadly display how at risk our most exposed players can be, especially from targeted attacks.

The robbery came just 2 weeks after his £100,000 car was stolen from his Cheshire home

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